SBO (Slovenia)

“A musical phenomenon that won’t leave you cold.”
Laura Paukovič, Mladina

As the face of the domestic trap avantgarde, the infamous Ljubljana collective has earned various stigmas. SBO’s uncompromising image and unfiltered expression has resonated on the scene as a kind of modern punk for the internet generation. They are entertainers and depressives, agents provocateurs and les enfants terribles of the Slovenian trap scene. Their most famous hits are Tipi so pičke and Sara Bezovšek. They did mixtapes with the duo AMN and collaborated with the collective Guapo Gang. Last March, they released the ambitious debut album “TRANS”, which was accompanied by notable music videos for the singles Ljubljana je Berlin, Postaja F and Psihonaut. As children of the Slovene political transition, with their new album they mark a turn from trap controversy to the introspection of trans-genre dance electronics.


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