ROUGE-AH (Slovenia)

“Rouge-ah is definitely a composer with a personal touch, who is also well-versed in the electronic world and knows how to get the mood that is closest to her from all the sound sources. Even from the most unpolished sounds, she knows how to create a fine substance and give it a softness that suits her creative soul.”
Marina B. Žlender, ODZVEN 

Urška Preis is a musician, harpist, visual artist and music writer from Ljubljana. She is part of the musical duo II/III, which performed at last year’s MENT, the fluid collective Zhlehtet with which she released two albums in 2020, and she also performs solo under the pseudonym rouge-ah. In 2018, she released her debut album “bare” on Kamizdat, a label that last year released “Access Frame: Equity”, one of the most important compilations of Slovenian electronic and experimental musicians for which she contributed the composition niti. She currently curates the music programme at the Red Dawns Festival and prepares music shows and other contributions for Radio Študent, ARS – Radio Slovenia Third Channel and Odzven.

*The performance will take place as part of the presentation of the compilation Senzorama. 


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