NITZ (Slovenia)

“The ambient fusion that gives rise to this fundamental musical work is the virtuoso magic of composing electronic music without precedent at home and beyond.”
Miroslav Akrapović, ODZVEN

To most followers of the Slovenian club scene, Tine Vrabič AKA Nitz doesn’t need any introduction. In the last decade, he’s established himself as a DJ, producer, publisher and organiser, and in recent years he’s turned his love of ambient music into the event series AmbientSoup. The latter also functions as a label on which he’s released two well-received albums of ambient music – the first along with Urška Preis as II/III and the second “Ankshis” as Nitz. Recently, he celebrated the first anniversary of his radio show Senzorama on Radio Študent where he presents various branches of ambient music. For this occasion, he’s prepared the first compilation of Slovenian ambient music, out on ZARŠ Records, which will be exclusively presented live at MENT. Nitz will open the night with a special two-hour Senzorama DJ set.

*The performance will take place as part of the presentation of the compilation Senzorama.


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