NIKSON (Slovenia)

“The youngster knows how to build unconventional grooves and conjure up bizzare atmospheres with an envy-inducing signature sound.”
Jaša Bužinel, Mladina

The Slovenian hip-hop prodigy—producer, DJ and dancer—is one of those visionary youngsters with a clear sense of purpose. While still in high school, he released his debut EP “lfo ufo” on the respected local electronic/hip hop label rx:tx, drawing accolades from critics and fans alike. The next big step was a remix for the Californian producer AshTreJinkins, one of his heroes from the LA beat scene. No wonder his unconventional dusty beats come across as something from the Brainfeeder or Stones Throw catalogue—psychoactive instrumental hip hop from one of the most promising young producers out there!


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