NICE TRICK (Slovenia)

“The 21-year-old producer’s debut can be understood as a sign of current trends in electronic music. His EP is an expected, one might even say necessary, local response to global trends following the rediscovery of the original revolutionary sounds of the jungle.”

Even in the middle of the deepest lockdown, his debut EP “[For my friends]”, a tour de force in modern rhythms released last December, resonated on the scene. Kristjan Kovač released his debut, which intertwines traditional jungle, footwork and hardcore with the current trends in breakbeat, on the local label SNIF Records. The producer says he wants to bring into the 21st century not only the music and aesthetics of 90s rave culture, but also its ideas and worldview. On the newly released compilation “Senzorama”, Nice Trick presents himself in a more ambient light, although the song OCPROM also has a rhythm. His performances, as well as future results, go beyond the sound of jungle – at MENT, he’ll move through ambient landscapes in which IDM and breakbeat elements fuse into one. A mixture of idyllic and sharp sounds!

*The performance will take place as part of the presentation of the compilation Senzorama.


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