LASER BROS (Austria, Czech Republic)

“Laser and audio? Can that fit together? Laser Bros show in a very interesting way that lasers and modular music can perfectly harmonise.”

Laser Bros create a synesthetic experience of stereo sound signals that make real-time shapes through the laser projector. All this with just an analog modular synth! The duo consists of Bernhard Rasinger AKA BR Laser and Václav Peloušek of Bastl Instruments. BR Laser is a project that exposes the beauty of waveforms drawn by laser beams as hypnotic two-dimensional shapes animated in time. The waveforms and their colours are generated on an analog modular synthesizer while producing an audible drone with synesthetic timbral modifications reflected in the shape of the laser projector’s beam. Václav Peloušek is a musician and synthesizer inventor at Bastl Instruments. As half of the Laser Bros project, he generates control signals to turn the laser drones into rhythmical pieces of music.


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