IZTOK KOREN (Slovenia)

“The Mississippi gave the blues, and the Mura river evidently inspires Koren’s wonderful music.”
Jaša Bužinel, Mladina

Iztok Koren is a member of the world-renowned imaginary folk trio Širom, post-rock combo ŠKM Banda and noise industrial duo Hexenbrutal. He’s hands down one of the most expressive masters of string instruments in Slovenia. Last year, the inspired multi-instrumentalist presented his solo debut “Lonely Hymns and Pillars of Emptiness” on Takuroku, the in-house label of the avantgarde music centre Cafe OTO from London. The Prekmurje-based sonic poet creates semi-improvised compositions for banjo, acoustic guitar and field recordings, drawing inspiration from kindred spirits, such as the great Polish guitarist Raphael Rogiński. Close your eyes, and let his music take you on an introspective sonic journey filled with moments of mystical ecstasy.


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