IN THE ATTIC (Slovenia)

“As young performers, they have more than enough potential and an above-average mature way of expressing themselves to be able to look confidently towards international waters.”
Maks Bembič, ODZVEN

The music of this young band is marked by a refreshing combination of indie-art rock, post-punk and emotional pop with powerful and conceptual lyrics. Their unusual arrangements and creative approach could be partly explained by the fact that there is no bassist in the band. The international trio comprises a Russian, an Australian and a Slovenian; the singer and keyboardist Tatiana builds up unconventional synth sequences while the drummer Christopher and guitarist Edvard do their part. As we can hear on their debut album “Jimmy’s”, this kind of approach is perfect for a wide variety of sonic experiments. And despite the morbid title, the band’s latest single Everybody Always Dies promises a bright future. 


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