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"Attention, Here Comes HEMI!" panel is now online

“Attention, Here Comes HEMI!” panel is now online

Panel filmed on February 5th 2020 at MENT Ljubljana.


Host: Peter Baroš (SIGIC, SI)

Georges Perot (Athens Music Week, HEMI, GR)
Gorjana Jordanovska (Password Production, MK)
Marton Naray (SoundCzech, Nouvelle Prague, CZ)
Maja Łapuszyńska (Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe, PL)


With the EU’s new cultural policy that brings to the table a vast amount of resources for the development and professionalization of the music industry, this panel addresses the question of how will the smaller, isolated, underdeveloped European markets react to this new influx of financial means. HEMI – Hub for Exchange of Music Innovation in Central and South-Eastern Europe, one of the important new initiatives in this sphere, is a consortium of nine European countries from the CSEE region that will be first presented at MENT 2020. The four-year project dedicated to the professionalization and internationalization of the regional music industry is supported by the European Commission.

Supported by HEMI & SIGIC.


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