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cover photo for the guesthouse shows - ines#talents from Slovenia 2021

Slovene INES#talents 2021

Guesthouse – the Sound City platform, will host 3 Slovene INES#talents on May 4th at 8pm (CET).

Etceteral is an audiovisual trio featuring saxophonist Boštjan Simon, drummer Marek Fakuč and visual artist Lina Rica. It is a vehicle for exploring repetitive, polyrhythmic electroacoustic music.

In the Attic is a independent Alternative Rock trio based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, though they come from over the world with the singer Tatiana being from Russia and drummer Christopher from Australia. They deliver an impactful musical experience that lyrically presents greater conceptual narrative and is harmonically explorative while still following influential acts to the band such as Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Pile.

You’re walking around your neighborhood. You’re walking to the store. These present times are crushing you and you know you want more. It’s not so strange that a brand new band from Ljubljana feels almost the same way as you do. This new group is called LELEE and it’s made up of some EX-YU locals that have been on the scene for some time now (Trus!, Rush to Relax, Kalu, …). Here are their first singles which give a glimpse of what they’re about. They plan to put out a record. They plan to tour.


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