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DIY Workshop With Dirty Electronics

Computer as Text as Computer

Computer as Text as Computer is a critique of the material things that surround us. Write a statement, poem or polemic that scrolls across the LCD screen that is embedded within an artwork circuit board. Does it make sound? Explore the text and display characters as noise utterances, or disable “noise” and read the text with the sound resonating in your own head.



As part of the workshop, participants will build their own hybrid analogue/digital device – part computer, part analogue synth, designed around a microprocessor (ATMEGA 328 chip/Arduino) and an analogue feedback circuit using a quad op amp, and learn how to perform with it as an experimental audio-visual group.



Computer as Text by Dirty Electronics is on-going research concerning the semiotics of machines and relationships with objects. Why write about machines when machines can talk for themselves? The workshop is interesting for all sound artists, poets and pseudo/real philosophers. Work with Dirty Electronics to build your own computer as text object. Code your statements and “version” your text. Use this data to make sound. A unique collaborative call to action of making, discourse and performance.




The participation fee for the two-day workshop is 25 € and needs to be settled before the start of the workshop on site. The fee covers the materials expenses (battery excluded), the workshop product remains in your possession. The workshop will be held in English. The number of participants is limited, so please apply/announce yourself at No knowledge of electronics or previous experience at building electronic musical devices is needed, just a willingness to perform, explore and experiment. Newbies are welcome. Please bring your own 9V (PP3) battery.


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John Richards explores the idea of Dirty Electronics that focuses on shared experiences, ritual, gesture, touch and social interaction. He is primarily concerned with the performance of large-group electronic music and DIY electronics, and the idea of creating music inside electronics. His work also pushes the boundaries between performance art, electronics, and graphic design, and is transdisciplinary, as well as having a socio-political dimension. Dirty Electronics has been commissioned to create sound devices for various arts organisations and festivals and has released a series of hand-held synths on Mute Records.

The workshop is a collaboration between Ljudmila, Art and Science Laboratory, Projekt Atol Institute, Kino Šiška and MENT Ljubljana in collaboration with Vodnikova domačija. It is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the City of Ljubljana Department for Culture.