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In Conversation with: Rob Challice

Host: Tony Duckworth ([PIAS] Poland and Eastern Europe, PL)
Speaker: Rob Challice (Paradigm Agency, UK)


A music business veteran with over 36 years of experience as an agent, promoter and festival organizer, Rob Challice is a key UK figure in every sense. He co-founded Coda Agency, which recently merged into Paradigm Agency, and his roster includes artists like Bon Iver, Calexico, Sufjan Stevens and Warpaint among others. Let’s hear what an indisputable music business authority has to say on the current state of affairs and future trends in live music.

In Conversation with: Clémence Renaut

Host: Anna Mašátová (journalist, manager, CZ)
Speaker: Clémence Renaut (ATC Live, FR)


Clémence Renaut made her way into the booking business as a promoter at SUPER! and later as an agent at Elastic Artists, only to join the team of ATC Live in 2016. She is mainly working with the younger generations of international artists like Mac DeMarco, Frankie Cosmos and Black Country, New Road to mention a few. As part of the new wave of booking agents, she will share her vision and understanding of contemporary trends in the live music business.

Ex-YU Recording Market: Overview and Prospects

Host: Ira Kolbezen (Glitterbeat Records, SI)
Speakers: Nikola Jovanović (Kontra, RUNDA, RS), Relja Milanković (Bassivity Digital, RS), TBA


The most distinct feature of the regional music market are its small and fragmented national markets that cover more than 21 million people, not to mention the vast number of diasporas spread across the world. The new-found RUNDA (Regional Association of Independent Discographers – Balkans), a network that connects a significant number of regional labels, set on a path to do a systematic analysis of its specifics and total retail value. The results of the research will be used as the starting point for a debate on the state of affairs, which will offer various points of view on the prospects for this specific market.


(Powered by RUNDA)

Presentation: Ex-YU Live Music Markets

Speakers: Miran Rusjan (Moonlee Records, MENT, SI), Tejka Vasiljević (Password, MK), Jovana Coka Stanković (Odličan Hrčak, Kontakt, RS), Monika Marušić (Cereal Booking, HR) & Lucija Ivišić (Cereal Booking, HR/AU)


For many touring artists the former Yugoslavia region and live market remains a mystery, but in fact it offers many options for the expansion of your touring schedule. On these short presentations, we will present the key features of individual national markets (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), offer an insight into their festival circuit and club network, introduce you to promoters and share some useful tools for promotion. A manual for those plotting an adventurous tour down the rocky Balkans!

Touring the Brotherhood and Unity Highway

Host: Koen Ter Heegde (Yugofuturism, Subroutine Records, NL)
Speakers: Miran Rusjan (Moonlee Records, MENT, SI), Tejka Vasiljević (Password, MK), Jovana Coka Stanković (Odličan Hrčak, Kontakt, RS), Monika Marušić (Cereal Booking, HR) 


The individual presentations of national markets will be followed by a debate that will unify and contextualize all the presented information, offering an even more insightful perspective on touring potentials in the former Yugoslavia region. In addition, you will get some practical advice and learn about individual cultural features – useful knowledge when you plan a tour abroad. Get in the van and tour the Brotherhood and Unity Highway! 

Hali Gali – Young Serbian music scene

Host: Ines Midžan (Radio Študent, SI)
Speakers: Marko Radojković (Kišobran, RS), Aleksa Nedić (Vizelj, RS), Mihajlo Đorović (Zicer inc, RS), Andrea Tešanović (Noćne more, RS)


Hali Gali is an initiative by Serbian band Vizelj, Nightmares events and Kišobran collective to create a platform for the new, current and interesting from the Serbian music and art scene. The basis of Hali Gali is a one day festival of bands and electronic live acts that takes place on multiple stages. In addition, Hali Gali communicates through a fanzine that features a selection of inspiring visual artists from the underground scene, a music compilation with brand new songs from featured bands and also “Music Attraction”, a fake TV show that presents videos from the compiled bands. Hali Gali organisers will discuss the initiative and explain how it managed to connect the Serbian music scene.

Bandcamp for Artists and Labels

Host: Aly Gillani (Bandcamp, UK)


Bandcamp is an online record store where millions of fans discover new music and directly support the artists who make it. To date, artists have earned over $437 million selling music and merch on the site, a total that is increasing by around $8 million a month, making it a vital tool for independent artists and labels. Bandcamp UK label representative and indie label boss Aly Gillani will talk about how artists and labels use Bandcamp, strategies to bring in the highest income and how to stand out on the site.

Streaming For Underdogs

Host: Aly Gillani (Bandcamp, UK)
Speakers: Peter Åstedt (MusicHelp, Live at Heart, SE), Désirée J. Vach (Snowhite Records, Ingroove, DE), TBA


In the past few years, we have been constantly reminded that streaming is the saviour of the music industry and that landing on important playlists represents a key factor to propel your career and break into the public sphere. But which are the real options for up-and-coming singers, musicians and producers, especially those from smaller, non-Western countries who release their music on independent labels or even by themselves? Which strategies to employ when we don’t have access to the most influential playlists or we don’t know how to outsmart algorithms? Are there any side doors for the underdogs? These and other useful tips and tricks on how to break onto the streaming market…

Dissecting The Digital Dollar: How You Get Paid For Your Streams

Host: Chris Cooke (CMU, UK)


Streaming is now the single biggest revenue stream for the recorded music business worldwide. It has enabled the record industry to return to growth. On the other hand, many artists are still unhappy with their own streaming income. This speed briefing with the author of the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ reports, published by the Music Managers Forum UK, will offer an explanation on how the streaming business works, how the music industry licensed digital platforms and how each month digital royalties flow through the system to artists and songwriters.

Agents’ Panel – The Day After moMENT

Host: Rok Košir (R.O.K. booking & management, SI)
Speakers: Clemence Renaut (ATC Live, FR), Lucy Atkinson (Earth Agency, UK), Marijn Westerlaken (BLiP Agency, NL), Christian Kirmes Kühr (Powerline Agency, DE)

Let’s kick off the last conference day with an overview of the best MENT performances of the first two days – who are the artists that left the best impression on the present booking agents? Do agents have a specific A&R process? Where do they look for new talents? Which are the fundamental criteria when they choose? How long do they observe their potential protégées? And finally, what’s the first thing they do in the morning after a night out that unexpectedly brought them into contact with an extraordinary new talent?

Running a Record Label in 2020 – The Story of Glitterbeat Records

Host: Miriam Leah Brenner (Kokako Music, NL)
Speaker: Chris Eckman (Glitterbeat Records, SI)

In just about seven years, Glitterbeat Records has become synonymous with top-notch global sounds, winning the WOMEX Label Award for best ‘world music’ label for 5 years in a row. Under the helm of Seattle-born Chris Eckman, the Ljubljana-based label has brought to light the music of Tamikrest, Gaye Su Akyol, Altın Gün and Trupa Trupa to name a few. Besides, it helped the Slovenian imaginary folk trio Širom break into Western markets, play major festivals and win raving reviews in renowned media outlets. Let’s hear the story of Glitterbeat Records and get an insight into how to successfully run a record label in 2020.  

Workshop: Europe in Synch

Hosts: Markus Linde (Thag’s Agent, Europe in Synch, DE), Nuno Saraiva (Lusitanian Music Publishing, Europe in Synch, PT), Nis Bøgvad (Copenhagen Film Music, Europe in Synch, DK), João Santos (Lisbon Music Supervision, Europe in Synch, PT), TBA

Music in commercials, movies and TV – one cannot do without the other and the constant demand for music has become a survival factor for the music industry. This workshop brings to the table professionals from the music world and catalysts from the world of advertising. EinS specialists will introduce the parties and their peculiarities, and address the challenges in their relationship. The workshop will offer a direct and mutual real-life hands-on learning experience to establish a common ground in the interest of an improved cooperation and business opportunities. 

Closed session (10 participants max.). Registration is obligatory. Registration will be open at the end of December.
Full-day workshop with a break (2x 3h). For young music business professionals and

Synch-experience and active participation required.


(Powered by EinS)

Europe in Synch Presentation: The Knowledge-Gap in Synch – Getting Music and Advertisement to the Table

Hosts: Markus Linde (Thag’s Agent, Europe in Synch, DE), Nuno Saraiva (Lusitanian Music Publishing, Europe in Synch, PT), Nis Bøgvad (Copenhagen Film Music, Europe in Synch, DK)

The Europe in Synch initiative brings together professionals from the music world and catalysts from the world of advertising, movies and TV for a direct and mutual real-life hands-on learning experience to establish a common ground in the interest of an improved cooperation and business opportunities. The panel will present the initiative and the results of the EinS workshop from the day before.


(Powered by EinS)

Attention, Here Comes HEMI!

Host: Peter Baroš (SIGIC, SI)
Speakers: Georges Perot (Technopolis Athens, GR), TBA

With the EU’s new cultural policy that brings to the table a vast amount of resources for the development and professionalization of the music industry, we will address the question of how will the smaller, isolated, underdeveloped European markets react to this new influx of financial means. HEMI Hub for Exchange of Music Innovation in Central and South-Eastern Europe, one of the important new initiatives in this sphere, is a consortium of nine European countries from the CSEE region that will be first presented at MENT 2020. The four-year project dedicated to the professionalization and internationalization of the regional music industry is supported by the European Commission. 


(Powered by HEMI)

Presentation: Banding

Hosts: Daniel Somló (Banding, Eastaste, HU), Suzanne Ranovich (Banding, HU)

Banding is a matchmaking app and service made for bands and DJs to empower them to discover their potential fans by exchanging gigs, playing in front of each other’s audiences and promoting each other. This short presentation is open to everyone interested in this game-changing service, and also a great kick-off for the registration-only workshop that will follow right after.


(Powered by Banding)

Workshop: Banding – Real-life Matchmaking

Hosts: Daniel Somló (Banding, Eastaste, HU), Suzanne Ranovich (Banding, HU)


Banding is a matchmaking app and service made for bands and DJs to empower them to discover their potential fans by exchanging gigs, playing in front of each other’s audience and promoting each other. At the real-life matchmaking workshop, the Banding team will find the best matches for your act and individually discuss all the important prospects and obstacles.

Closed Session (limited places available). Registration is obligatory. Registration will be open at the end of December.


(Powered by Banding)

Listening Session

Host: TBA
Speakers: Jacob Hagelaars (Le Guess Who?, NL), Michal Kaščák (Pohoda Festival, SK), TBA

A group of bookers at well-known international festivals will go on a blind date with songs by selected MENT artists, who will receive immediate, direct and honest feedback. We bet you don’t often get a chance to hear an honest analysis of individual songs by festival bookers – so don’t miss this one!

Outbreakers’ Lab Workshop: Creating Strategy in the Music Industry

Host: Magda Chołyst (Artist in Bloom, PL)   


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? How do you translate your artistic dreams into concrete goals and timelines? How do you create a supportive team that plays by the same definition of success? These questions are rediscovered every year at the international mentoring camp for emerging bands Outbreakers’ Lab, run by Hungarian Oncoming Tunes. For a few days, a group of selected artists meets in Hungary to work on their strategy with a team of excellent mentors. Join the workshop and get a taste of the OBL mindset, catch some crucial ideas for strategic thinking in the music industry and learn how to become part of OBL 2020.

Green Metal(Days) – the Future is Green!

Speakers: Boban Milunović (MetalDays, SI), Nika Brunet (MetalDays, SI)


MetalDays is a festival located in the idyllic Soča Valley with approximately 12.000 daily visitors, which due to its environmental awareness has won the ‘A Greener Festival Award’ for the past three years. In 2019, the festival announced the five-year project Green Metal(Days), which is set to put into effect additional environmental measures and make MetalDays one of the most clean, environmentally friendly and sustainable music festivals in the world. Which are the options for the reduction of the ecological footprint? How to introduce changes and how to deal with expectations and demands of festivalgoers?  

Music PR in 2020+

Speakers: Bee Adamic (Liberty Music PR, UK), Adam Al-Hilali (Liberty Music PR, UK)  


The transition into the digital era has shaken the definitions and effectiveness of traditional promotional tools for the placement of new music. At the same time, new doors have been open, offering more innovative and creative approaches to the discovery and communication with new audiences. What is the current state of affairs? What is at our disposal when we talk about music PR? Where and how to channel our energy, time and money into the building of new audiences?

Talk: Sally Anne Gross – The Sustainability of a Music Artist Career

Speaker: Sally Anne Gross (University of Westminster, UK)  


What does it mean to have a sustainable music career in the age of musical abundance? In this talk, Sally Anne Gross is going to discuss how our relationship with music has changed and how these changes have had an impact on the music and life of music makers. She will discuss different approaches to developing a sustainable career and how different approaches can help you achieve a healthy balance between music and private life.

Music Media in Central and Eastern Europe

Host: Gordon Masson (IQ Magazine, UK)
Speakers: Edo Plovanić (, HR), Michal Parizek (Full Moon Magazine, CZ), Nadya Samodurova (Storona, Lucidvox, RU), TBA     


When we talk about music media, we always think about Anglo-American giants. Due to language barriers and fragmented music markets, Central and Eastern European music media outlets struggle to reach wider audiences. Nevertheless, there are many diverse cutting-edge cases that have had an immense impact on individual music markets. Let’s meet Radio Študent, one of Europe’s oldest and strongest non-commercial, alternative radio stations,, the most popular music site in the Balkans, Full Moon Magazine, one of the few printed music magazines in the region, and the Russian online magazine Storona, which presents new, yet undiscovered acts.  

Venues. Challenges. Solutions.

Host: TBA
Speakers: TBA


At the first MENT, we described venues as the main constituent of concert activities with the term FundaMENT. What is the current situation in clubland? How venues create their identity? Which is the best curatorial strategy and what role does long-term audience education play in it? How to sell out a venue with promising lesser-known acts? Where to look for such acts in a sea of offers? What is the function of the various international networks and platforms in terms of artists’ exchange between various markets? How important are the relationships with the city and local community, and how to tackle gentrification?

Festivals between the Alps and the Urals    

Host: Vasil Gjuroski (RakettNatt, Winterland, NO)
Speakers: Ivana Jelača (INmusic Festival, HR), Filip Košťálek (Colors of Ostrava, CZ), Stefan Kazaryan (Bol Festival, Moscow Music Week, RU), TBA         


In the last decade, there has been an observable growth in the number of festivals in Central and Eastern Europe – small and big ones, niche and unique. Which are the challenges organisers face in countries with less developed festival traditions and a lower consumer buying power? How to attract festival headliners? How to compete with other festivals? How to satisfy the needs and address the specifics of local audiences? Are there perhaps any advantages in comparison with festivals in the West?

The Future of Booking: Sold-out Shows Using Data

Speaker: Marcus Fitzgerald (gigmit, DE)


How does music streaming influence the live music industry? Data from all concert-goers and/or music lovers are now available. Spotify sold out their own concerts making booking decisions based on streaming results rather than just focussing on big names. How to access this data in the whole industry? Platform gigmit initiated a pilot project LASER (Live Artists Search Engine & Recommendations) with the support of the EU (Music Moves Europe) to access, gather and display stream and fan data and give a guidance on how active and how big an artist is in any region. How does it look like? Come to the presentation!


(Powered by LASER/gigmit)

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