In its fifth year, MENT will host its first think-tank, clearly titled “Making Music Conferences Great Again”, with a group of music professionals looking for ideas on how to improve and innovate music conferences, presenting the results at the conclusion of the conference programme. As an extension of this consulting group, the roundtable discussion “How to Escape the Showcase Bubble” will question the role of showcase festivals, their many focuses, and especially the role of creators in this increasingly popular event discipline. At the introductory roundtable discussion, the listeners, who often remain just a statistic at such events, will take centre stage. We’ll discover a new – regional! – network of publishers, learn about sync in Europe, and discuss mental health in the music industry, whose inhumane hours, pressures and instability take their toll on even the sturdiest of us.

We’re also announcing the first two keynote interview guests. Claire O’Neill is the cofounder of the non-profit company A Greener Festival, which awards the A Greener Festival Award, while Natasha Padabed is the owner of the More Zvukov agency, which represents a number of exciting, primarily Eastern European acts, who play all over Europe and further abroad. Natasha is also known for being an exceptional curator of the Russian SKIF, Ethnomechanica and Electro-mechanica festivals.


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