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Conference Receptions
Conference Receptions
Conference Receptions

French Pitch & Brunch 

presented by Le Bureau Export, Institut français de Slovénie and What the France     

Thursday, 6 Feb, 13:00 @ Kino Šiška

French music? What does that even mean? Well, to us at Le Bureau Export, it means any music that is produced in France, so from a French label, publisher, and booking agent; the important thing is that the project is run by a French company. We work with artists from the UK, Russia, Poland, the US, and of course France. The key mission of Le Bureau Export is to help and support the French music industry.


And how do we help? With offices in Paris, London, Berlin, New York, and as of recently in Singapore, Abidjan and Bogota, we help French companies finance tours, PR and marketing campaigns, arrange meetings around the world, set up writing sessions and much more. 


At MENT 2020, Decibelles, Slift and Cheap House will be representing the latest sounds coming out of France; a real showcase of noisy pop (Decibelles), some blues-influenced fuzzy psychedelia (Slift), and a really surprising live techno band (Cheap House).


During the festival on Thursday at 10:00 am, there will be a session of meetings with the French companies present. Sign up and come along, our companies want to work with you! Later on Thursday at 1:00 pm at Kino Šiška, there will be a reception with some drinks and food where the three bands playing the festival will be presented – kindly supported by Institut français de Slovénie.


And finally, the best way to hear the latest music from France is via What The France, our playlist service at

Conference Receptions
Conference Receptions

New Russian Wave

presented by Moscow Music Week & RUSH Initiative


Thursday, 6 Feb, 18:00 @ Kino Šiška


Showcase festival Moscow Music Week together with RUSH Initiative invites promoters, managers and artists to loosen up and get to know each other at their contemporary Russian music party during MENT 2020. Expect plenty of welcome drinks as well as thematic DJ sets, mutual respect, cooperation, love and friendship.


Moscow Music Week is an annual showcase festival and conference, which serves as a perfect introduction to the contemporary Russian music scene and industry. The festival enables young up-and-coming artists to gain a footing in the local and international music market. It provides them with an opportunity to perform in front of producers, journalists, promoters and listeners from all over the world. In 2019, the conference program featured Q&As and lectures by John Robb, Claire O’Neill and Bob Van Heur among many others. The festival also had a vibrant line up headlined by KOKOKO! and Viagra Boys.


The initiative RUSH is a non-profit NGO, whose goal is to promote promising Russian musicians on the international cultural scene, with Shortparis, CHKBNS, Kate NV and GS / Glintshake among its residents.

Combing the functions of a music export office with professional consulting services, RUSH has brought together domestic and international music experts to select the most promising Russian musical talents and to promote and integrate them into the global community. RUSH operates on democratic selection principles where the agency’s experts compile a list of Russian musicians across all genres with the greatest export potential and the final selection is made by internal ballot. 

Conference Receptions
Conference Receptions

SoundCzech in Time Reception

Friday, 7 Feb, 12:00 @ Kino Šiška


Czechs checking MENT again!

Come and meet the Czech bands and professionals at the reception, during the showcase concerts of Bratři, Market and Never Sol or catch them at panel discussions Music Media in Central and Eastern Europe, In Conversation with: Clémence Renaut, Festivals between the Alps and the Urals, and Attention! Here Comes HEMI!.


The mission of SoundCzech is to internationally connect and facilitate the development of the Czech music industry in a wide range of genres such as world music, rock, pop, electronic music, hip-hop, jazz, alternative music and other genres and fusions. SoundCzech is an initiative of the state-funded organization The Arts and Theatre Institute, founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.


Czech artists at MENT Ljubljana 2020:


Bratři – Czech electronic duo


Market – Art rock, math rock & UK indie verging on stoner metal and jazz


Never Sol – Melancholic soft synth dark pop

Find out more about the Czech music scene and industry database at or follow them on   

Conference Receptions
Conference Receptions
Conference Receptions

Austrian Heartbeats Reception

presented by Austrian Music Export, Waves Vienna & Austrian Cultural Forum


Friday, 7 Feb, 18:00 @ Ljubljana Castle – Upper Lapidarium  


Join the Austrian delegates for a networking reception hosted by Austrian Music Export and Waves Vienna. Use the opportunity to get in touch and enjoy drinks and snacks in a relaxed atmosphere. Meet us on Friday, 7 February, at 6:00 pm at Ljubljana Castle’s fantastic Upper Lapidarium. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


There will be four stunning acts from Austria performing at the festival:

Folk-pop act Alicia Edelweiss, singer-songwriter Bernhard Eder, indie-rock band My Ugly Clementine and the feminist post-hardcore punk band Petrol Girls.


Austrian Music Export is a joint initiative of the Austrian Music Information Center Mica – Music Austria and the Austrian Music Fund. Austrian Music Export’s aim is to be a service and resource centre for exporters of contemporary Austrian music in all genres and aspects (recording, live, sync, etc.).       

Waves Vienna is the city’s first club and showcase festival with the motto “East meets West”. Numerous international alternative, electronic, rock and club acts perform around Vienna’s 9th district. The 10th edition of Waves Vienna will take place between 10 and 12 September 2020.

Conference Receptions
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