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Austrovinyl @ MENT

Thursday, 6 Feb, 10:00 – 18:00 @ Kino Šiška
Friday, 7 Feb, 11:00 – 16:00 @ Kino Šiška


Representatives of Austrovinyl – Austria’s first and currently only record press will be present at Kino Šiška during the conference. You will be able to chat with them, check out their products and of course take one home – the Slovenian moMENTs compilation 2020 – on vinyl and CD!

Austrovinyl is situated in an adapted 300-year-old house in Fehring in Southeast Styria. Under the Austrovinyl brand name, they offer the complete record production process – from their proprietary mastering studio with its own and new lathe cut, stamper making facility with new electro-plating equipment to production using a new, completely automated vinyl press, to their ready-to-ship parcels. They promise highest quality with the shortest delivery time at the fairest price and with a completely unique design.

Austrovinyl @ MENT
Austrovinyl @ MENT
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