“I can’t wait for MENT to come around again!”

The fourth MENT, which took place in Ljubljana from 31st January to 2nd February, is in the books, with 71 acts from 23 countries having performed in packed venues. MENT hasn’t just spiced up the winter concert and cultural offer in Ljubljana; its repeatedly commended programme has spread the word outside Slovenian borders as well. This was first proved by the awards for Best Small and Best Indoor Festival in Europe, and now reaffirmed with the significantly higher number of international visitors. In three days, the total number of all visitors amounted to 4,500, including more than 550 registered music professionals from 37 countries.



What’s been said about MENT 2018:


“High expectations are justified!”
Marko Kaselj, Croatia, Mixeta


“[MENT is] bringing together the most interesting emerging European groups.”
Ramūnas Zilnys, Lithuania, Lrytas


“MENT really succeeded in making each of the performers, whether popular or not, getting the most important thing – a full play club.”
Zoran Stajčić, Croatia, Ravnododna


“Experimental sextet Kikimore also highlight the spirit of the local ‘scene’ in that they sound like nothing else we’ve ever heard. /…/ While it’s hard to imagine them ever getting coverage on any commercial radio station throughout Europe, they embody everything that makes MENT arguably the most special event of its kind.”
Dom Gourlay, United Kingdom, Gigwise


“An unforgettable organization, a great selection of the program and a wonderful atmosphere in Kino Šiška and Metelkova. Awards for ‘Best Small Festival’ and ‘Best Indoor Festival’ in Europe – totally justified!”
Elena Krsteva, Macedonia, Reborn


“[MENT is] already at the frontline of the showcase events like Tallinn Music Week and By:Larm that deal in culture and ideas and leave the boring ‘music industry’ stuff to other more parched gatherings. Based in Ljubljana it is a beacon of the fizzing, edgy, brilliant music of its nearby area and across Europe and is also underlining the rush of Russian bands in the wave of ‘The Russians Are Coming’ bands that are electrifying the scene and part of the patchwork of the new underground.”
John Robb, United Kingdom, Louderthanwar


“This year, the feeling that the festival is outgrowing itself and that a necessary expansion of the model is likely to follow was definitely present for the first time. Complaints that it’s driven by hype are completely unfounded, primarily because it’s precisely the mechanisms of hype that have been driving the music industry in recent years. And MENT is the only one that has succeeded in adopting them.”
Luka Zagoričnik, Slovenia, Odzven


“I can’t wait for MENT to come around again!”
A visitor on Twitter


See you at MENT Ljubljana 2019!


Photo: Maša Gojić