11 Jan Conference schedule announced!

On Wednesday at 6 p.m. MENT Ljubljana Conference starts in Komuna Kino Šiška. With international guests we aim to address a simple question: why have been showcase festivals & conferences recently popping up like mushrooms all over Europe? We will investigate the main reasons for this phenomenon: opportunities for young and upcoming bands for breakthrough, intense networking of delegates from the music industry, boost to the development of the local/national music scene and industry, educational moment, impact on local economics etc.

Early on Thursday and till the late afternoon on Friday we will be opening questions as: Are Agents Angels? How to establish the new geocultural premise from the Balkans to the Baltics? How to Profit with Free Music? How to invest 1k Euros on digital marketing? Saving the World with Festivals?

MENT Ljubljana Conference proudly announces outstanding visual artists:  Bitbanger Labs, who developed the Pixelstick lightpainting tool, Jono Brandel & Lullatone Studios, the inventors of the simple, yet unbelievably creative portable animation / sound kit – Patatap, MEGAFORCE, a four-man directors’ collective that directed music videos for the likes of Metronomy, Tame Impala, Madonna, Kid Cudi and others, Robert Henke, a co-creator of one of the most widespread computer programs for music production, Ableton Live and music producer and documentary director Count (Mikael Eldridge) wh will held a panel talk about his documentary Unsound – a project about the impact that free internet culture is having on all creators.